Coverage of NCGA proposal to repeal the NC Protest Petition law

The News & Observer (03/29/15):
Tom Miller: Neighbor’s right under attack
* Best summary of historical facts associated with Protest Petitions in North Carolina, along with a few projections of what to expect if the law is successfully repealed.
Reposted by The Herald-Sun (04/04/15): Protest petition rights under assault again
Reposted by News & Record (04/12/15): Protest petitions a vital zoning tool

The Charlotte Observer (05/19/15):
Cameron and DeeDee Harris protest SouthPark development

The News & Observer (04/21/15):
Cary leaders want to keep protest petitions

The Charlotte Observer (04/14/15):
NC lawmakers may ban protest petitions in zoning fights

Womble Carlyle – @NCLandUseLaw (04/06/15):
N.C. General Assembly House Moves On Bill Eliminating Zoning Protest Petitions
Reposted by The National Law Review (04/07/15): link

The Daily Tarheel (03/31/15):
Opinion:  The loss of protest petitions is a blow to democracy

The News & Observer (03/27/15):
Majority doesn’t always rule

News & Record (03/27/15):
Inside Scoop: The local impact of protest petitions

Global Vue (03/26/15):
N.C. bill changing neighborhood protest petitions moves on to Senate Rules Committee

News & Record – Clark Off the Record (03/25/15):
House rejects reasonable compromise on protest petitions

The News & Observer (03/24/15):
NC House wants end to protest petitions

WRAL – @NCCapitol with video (03/24/15):
House votes to eliminate protest petitions

WUNC 91.5 with audio (03/23/15):
Bill Would Eliminate Homeowners’ Right To ‘Protest Petition’ Land Development Next Door

The News & Observer with audio (03/19/15):
Effort to keep ‘protest petitions’ fails in committee voice vote

WRAL – @NCCapitol with video (03/19/15):
Lawmakers push to eliminate tool used to fight new developments

The News & Observer (03/17/15):
NC legislators move to repeal landowner power in development fights

INDY Week (03/16/15):
N.C. homebuilders’ lobby to citizens: Stop your (legal) bitching

The Fayetteville Observer (03/04/15):
Lawmakers may repeal process used by property owners to fight development

WRAL – @NCCapitol (06/25/14):
House OKs protest petition repeal, other reforms
* Note, this article is from 2014 and does not reference either of the two bills currently in the NC Legislature.  It’s included as a “book-end” to bring you up to speed with previous attempts to repeal the Protest Petition law.  Although the House approved the 2014 bill, it did not succeed in the Senate.

REBIC In the Loop (03/30/15):
NAIOP Members Advocate in Raleigh for Economic Incentives & Protest Petition Repeal
… and one from the Real Estate & Building Industry Coalition (REBIC).  It should be noted that although Representative Tricia Cotham is pictured in their article, she actually voted AGAINST H201 on March 25th.  Thank you to Rep. Cotham for her efforts to defend the rights of homeowners throughout North Carolina.

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